The Great Dane

The day was Saturday. The date was March 30, 2013. The highlight was Peter Schmeichel. Yes, that Great Dane. My favorite goalkeeper ever.

He came to Jakarta to attend the nobar Sunderland vs Manchester Utd. Not a member of any community or fans club, I was lucky to get the invitation to the event. So there I was, wearing the MU t-shirt I just bought the day after, with the MU scarf and the MU slingbag my sister bought me years earlier.

Schmeichel_01 Schmeichel_02

No, I couldn’t get any closer than 2m to the 1,93m tall guy. But seeing he was standing in front of me like that, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Pretty much I was just gapping in awe, hahaha. He couldn’t stay long that night. Had promised his wife that he’d be home for Easter with the family. Aww…

He was Peter Schmeichel that I remember. Huge, tall, pale blonde, and big nose that got red easily in the cold.

Since I couldn’t take a photograph with him, so I satisfied myself with his poster and cardboard instead :p

Kei-Schmeichel_02 Kei-Schmeichel_01


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