What’s Your Earlier Work of Fiction?

I can’t remember at what age I started to write. Maybe in elementary school. Writing diary. Stupid diary, to be more specific. I didn’t remember much about my junior high (yea, I have a selective amnesia *eyeroll*), but I do remember my writing from high school.

The first year of it, I wrote about a boy who accidentally opened a door to the 4th dimension. The creatures from there were the worst of our nightmares. The boy could only close it if he defeated Deity, God of the Moon. And it was possible, because apparently the boy was a descendant of Apollo, God of the Sun. The battle was not to be fought alone. A vampire from the 4th dimension somehow decided to help him (back then, vampires not as sparkle and popular as now). It was a tragic happy ending. If only it was finished.

One story that finished actually a fanfiction. Still in my high school years. Silly story about Oasis vs Blur (those were the era of British Invasion). Noel was the king of Planet Oasis, with Liam as the prince. They had to overcome the rebellion of the refugees from a small planet called Blur. And because I was pro-Oasis, of course they were the winner.

My college years were filled by fanfiction. Posted two of them, here and here. You who aren’t familiar with the Japanese rock might want to skip it. Yea, I was such a big fan back then. But of course I didn’t want to write fanfiction all my life – not that it’s wrong.

I remember one day, sitting on one of McDonald’s bench in BIP, Bandung, talking to a friend. Random things to another, he asked how I saw myself in many years to come. I said, I pictured myself at a corner of a coffee shop, deep in thought or frantically typing on my laptop. I pictured my novel(s) on the shelf of bookstore. We were laughing it off. At that time, the dream seemed so far away.

Years later – in 2013 to be exact, I did have a novel on the shelf of a bookstore. A duet novel with Vanny PN, titled Sketsa Terakhir. It was one of the best moment in my life, to see my dream had embodied. I hope it’s just a beginning of a dream, not the end of it.

So, that’s my story. How about yours?


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